What are the foods to lose weight

lose weightNumerous people do not know it but there are many dissimilar foods to lose weight, while others are absolutely indicated and should be avoided. According to the common opinion to achieve concrete results in the course of the diet is very significant to give up all the small pleasures of the table.

In fact we have to chase away this myth because it is not a fact mandatory.

Indeed, in nature are available numerous tasty food that have the benefit of having a reduced-calorie and thus are also able to provide the essential nutrients.

In addition, most of these elements is able to improve the general well-being of our body, keeping blood sugar and cholesterol levels low.

Usually the products that are able to lose weight, they are called fat burning foods. This appointment comes from the fact that they have the ability to accelerate those biochemical processes suitable for consumption of fats and the contribution of metabolic energy.

It is not true that to lose to lose weight you need to eat less. According to nutritionists would have indicated a diet of 1200 to a maximum of 1800 calories a day.

The trick to lose weight- eat foods that satiate

Underlying all the real secret is to eat foods from their satiating properties, foods considered miraculous that will not disappoint your expectations of weight loss.

Apples-this fruit has always been recognized as a promoter of good health but apples are also ideal for burning fat. They come with a lot of soluble fiber, contain no sodium, saturated fat and cholesterol. Their function is to reduce the feeling of hunger and keep blood pressure low.

Wholemeal bread – Surely you’ve heard of diets that eliminate in a total carbohydrate intake. In reality it is not so, because they are a natural source of fiber and protein.

Coffee-Another product always been the focus of discussions for effects such as anxiety and insomnia. The beneficial effect of this drink is to accelerate the metabolism, helping to burn 10% more calories.

Grape fruit – the result with only 74 calories, rich in pectin, fiber especially rich in vitamin C.

Mustard Made with the same properties of caffeine, great for burning fat. Chilli: this spice on the organism causes the so-called diet-induced thermal effect that leads to the acceleration of metabolism.

It is rich in vitamins A and C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and fiber, fat-free

Tofu-Asian soy-based product, tasteless with many spices and flavorings, low-calorie source of protein.

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