Ways to lose belly fat

belly fatThe first sight of obesity for each person is the accretion of belly fat. When you start the abdomen protrude experts refer to it as truncate obesity and some even refer to it as the accumulation of cellulite. Whatever the experts can call, but belly fat is the most definitive evidence of a person getting obese. But it looks ugly belly fat and most people feel uncomfortable when he sees a layer of fat protruding ugly sides of their belly when they sit down.

Most people want to get rid of their belly fat. But they do not know how. There are thousands of books and articles written on the internet as you should lose the flab. But most of them are needless.

There are two reasons for this. One, that the process of weight loss chalked in all those articles are unproven or instinctive and does not produce any results.

Second, they failed to properly put into practice these procedures. However, here, in this article will tell you some scientific process and proven way to lose unwanted belly fat, which if implemented properly will absolutely give great results.

The best way to lose belly fat is through diet and exercise routine. We know it sounds familiar but both diet and exercise should be done at the same time, in order to see the maximum benefits. Done in separation will not be effective and will not produce any results.

But most people say that they have done all this and still do not see any development in the result. That’s why you need to do exercises that are specific to reduce abdominal fat. For example, running is a good exercise for your overall health, but will do nothing to reduce belly fat.

The best exercise to lose belly fat is called High-Intensity Interval Training. This training involves doing some cardiovascular exercises with some lower intensity, followed by some greater intensity. This form of exercise is called hiccups.

This form of exercise is more effective in controlling the belly fat that regular cardiovascular exercises that are done in the gym. High-Intensity Interval Training has been scientifically proven to be 3-4 times more effectual than regular cardiac workout. Also you should remember to include sit-ups in your regular exercise program.

As far as diet is concerned remember to take only the amount of calories you need to maintain your body. This way you can avoid an excess of caloric intake that will prevent the accumulation of lower amounts of body fat. This process is more effective in controlling the excess belly fat. You should include plenty of fruits, fish and vegetables in your diet in its place of taking excessive meals based on calories.

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