Want to burn calories while having fun

burn funMusic is life and move to the rhythm of music helps you to let go, to feel your body and also to burn calories!

Dancing is one of the world’s sexiest workouts, improve your cardiac and respiratory functions and helps you lose weight in a fun way. Then, create a playlist with your preferred music, studying the steps we have chosen for you and rock out every morning to get your fill of energy throughout the day.

The more you let loose, the more calories you burn , free your mind from stress and keep you young! Yes, because according to a report published in 2003 by a British medical journal dance is great not only for the body but also for the brain. Compared to other 11 sports, dancing is the only one associated with a important decrease of the consequences of dementia, including Alzheimer’s. Probably because this activity requires concentration, sympathetic and memory of the steps.

Balla and you will remain young and agile, in body and mind!

Instructions for use

Before jumping on the track on the carpet of your bedroom! Study and test the steps of the various dances. When you have them memorized, you can follow the program that we offer or fun to change the sequence of dances. It does not matter if you make before the Charleston or the boogie: choose the order according to your mood or the instinct of the moment.

You can also change the level of the proposed program initially choosing music slower or modulating the rhythm of different music. For example, you can choose a fast pace for the African dance, switch to a slower one for boogie and come back at a fast pace for the Charleston. More music is faster, increases your heart rate with these exercises furious.

To get started, dances for 20 minutes 3 minutes for each of the years that we offer, but if you enjoy the program and would like to burn more calories can increase the time, and up to 35 minutes to get a complete workout. Remember to never skip neither heating nor the relaxation phase.

Do not limit yourself to only perform the basic steps of each dance but sudden! If you are instinctive add a pirouette or jump, do it, because the dance should be creative and everyone has a different way of expressing themselves. More sudden, the better: it means that you dance in the blood!

Do you want to make the dance more fun? Try to involve the whole family! And if you can, send us your video: we’ll publish it!

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