Two attitude about losing weight distorted

lose weightHave you killed abdominal crunches ever? How many of us have believed them belly would vanish and our best times?

But that’s just one of the beliefs, others have thought that completely ignoring exercise and stop eating would get the body you always dreamed of and that would only make them lose weight

And despite that diet and exercise are fundamental in our lives and that any activity we do will be better than any it is important to understand that there are no magic solutions like the vast majority expects the body to recapture his youth. That’s the first thing you have to understand that as soon stay out of the year and not see results a week going to disappoint you, you leave and miss all the good that a few small changes in your lifestyle have to give.

Below we will discuss three common myths that inspired many to dive into this world, but leaving disappointed to see that did not meet your expectations …

Classic example, the first thing everyone does in hopes of shrinking the belly is start doing thousands of crunches morning and night believing it will reduce inches from the waist. So it is with the arms, or those girls who go to the gym and installed on the machines to make legs hoping to eliminate cellulite.

The truth is you can not remove fat from specific points. If you want to reduce your waist, or the meat under the arms to stop hanging up, or take out the limp tail, what you have to do is the same in all cases-remove fat, and you do not decide where you are going eliminate that fat, your body will. There is no reduction areas, incorporates this concept, burn, print it out and read it every day.

What you have to do is point to eliminate body fat in general, and that will reduce the fat in the parts that you want it to shrink. No other way to today’s date.

Want to lose weight that does not disappear from the overnight

Losing weight takes time. Basically is to understand that your body is a piece of expensive equipment that must maintain and that maintenance should last a lifetime. Exercising is something to long for more than this now you’ll look like a daunting task actually be two or three weeks get into the habit and the rest will be a breeze. Do not even imagine how much weight you can lose in about three months just to be consistent …

Returning to our myth understands that weight loss at a radius greater than half kilo per week is not achieved, probably a kilo if the effort and discipline you put in diet and exercise are considerable. So do not aim to lose more than that weight. Why? Because if you lose most of that weight you lose will be muscle and liquid, the liquid is automatically retrieved and less muscle makes you slower metabolism, which in turn makes it more difficult for your efforts at a healthy weight.

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