Try exercises to stretch your back and grow by 5 cm!

exercises backThe sitting for many hours a day is a major cause of back problems. Unfortunately, we spend in this position a good part of our lives, 9 hours every day! From Homo erects, the man has become homo sedans, negative evolution, which, year after year, it causes on our back consequences ranging to forward spine problems scoliosis. And ‘possible to reverse this trend? Certainly yes, poor posture is not innate but is the result of bad habits that can be changed: of course, do not expect to straighten your column in a few days, changing habits takes time and the first step is to develop an awareness of our mistakes to learn how to fix them.

Here are some tips and especially the exercises and Health OK to run every day for feel better! If you already suffer from back problems, pay a visit to a specialist before starting this program.

The self-elongation

Our column undergoes all day the weight of gravity and pressures related to our daily activities and this means that gradually the our posture is changed: the shoulders tend to get up and sag, the chin moves forward, the back is curved.

The effects of gravity are felt at the level of the inter vertebral discs, bearings that lie between the vertebrae and that, because of this load during the day getting shorter: it was calculated that on average a man becomes shorter than 2 cm from the morning the evening!

Fortunately, during the night the column does not suffer trauma and regains its original length, but over the years this power decreases, so it is important to learn how to create space between the vertebrae lengthening the spine so that the inter vertebral discs do not suffer.

Here are some techniques of self-lengthening to be performed throughout the day:

1. Stretch your shoulders down

2. Push your shoulders back shoulder blades closer to each other

3. Imagine that over your head there is a thread that pulls you up as if you were a puppet, Stretch out without lifting the chin but instead take it back slightly so you have all the cervical vertebrae properly aligned.

Straighten up: Where to start?

Stand up straight! How many times we repeat during the day! But are we really sure you know what that means? In the box on the side, we have summarized the rules of proper posture, both when you are standing when you are sitting.

Remember, good posture must be maintained without tension or fatigue, and may not cause pain.

The practice of Pilates to stretch

Just half an hour a day with an elastic fitness or with a towel to stretch your spine and stretch all the muscles of the back thanks to the technique of Pilates . Most feel the benefits and you will develop a conscience, most will experience the need to perform these simple exercises. We recommend initially to practice them in the morning, when you come back from work but if you feel tired and crushed by the weight of the day, treat yourself to a few minutes to alluring!

Exercise 1: Heating by the shoulders

1) Stand with your legs together, holding a towel with both hands, keeping your arms slightly away from the sides

2) While holding the arms and the towel at the height of the pelvis, move your shoulders up. Note: You must only move joints, not the entire trunk.

3) Always having as a reference the towel, lowers his shoulders. Run this movement of the shoulders several times, and lowering them rialzandole.

Perform 7-8 repetitions.

Exercise 2: Arms straight up and down

1) Stand with your legs slightly apart, hold it firmly with a towel and tendilo both arms in front of you at shoulder height, keeping elbows bent.

2) After taking a deep breath, raise your arms above the head keeping always the same distance from the body and exhale. Repeat this exercise several times (7/8 reps) trying to keep your torso straight and as still as possible.

Exercise 3: Bending forward

1) Stand with your legs together, lift um towel over the head with her arms outstretched

2) Keeping your legs together and straight, slowly begins to bend toward your knees. Parts from the neck and imagine to follow the movement of the head every single vertebra. Do not force too much but try to reach your maximum bending point keeping the abs in voltage and arc column.

3) When you’re down wrap the towel around his ankles. Try to stay in position for a few seconds. Up gently stretching the column until you return to the starting position.

Run 7/8 reps

Exercise 4: Lateral flexion

1) Stand with your legs apart, holding a towel with both hands at chest height with folded braccie

2) Stretch your arms above the head, trying to stretch as much as possible

3) Flex the torso to the right while keeping the towel stretched above the head with your arms parallel to each other and the pelvis still. Stay in this position for a few seconds, but do not force too much. Slowly back in position number 2

4) Repeat the folding from the left side and returns to the initial position.

Run from 7 to 8 reps

Exercise 5: Lateral bending and twisting to the right and left

1) Put your feet with your legs apart. Grab a towel with outstretched arms just above the knees. Inhale and raise your arms straight above the head. Tries to keep the pelvis firm and slightly pushed forward.

2) Flex the trunk slowly to the right.

3) Rotate your upper body slowly to the right while keeping firmly in the towel, until you have your arms parallel to the floor. Try to remain motionless for a few seconds, then slowly return to starting position.

4) Run the same movement on the left side

Run 7/8 reps

Exercise 6: Circling the shoulders

1) Stand with your feet slightly apart and your back straight, grab it with both hands the 2 ends of a towel and stretch your arms in front of you at chest level.

2) With a slow movement brings her arms high above her head and tries to pass them behind his back. It is not difficult, you have to bend your right arm over your head and keep lying along the left side.

3) Slowly, also stretch out your right arm up to find yourself with a towel behind his back.

4) Now go up again with his left arm outstretched and keeping the right continues the series alternating arms. At the end returns to its initial position with the towel in his arms straight in front of you.

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