Three rich foods-that can allow you in holiday supplies

 rich foodsDid you know that on normal people gain weight around 2kg in December? The worst is that weight is most often NOT going and stays with you Among all the New Year’s Eve dinner with family, friends and colleagues, the calories you typically increase considerably consumes all unhealthy content of these foods generally eaten for the holidays.

Luckily not all that fat you eat, provided that the quantities are moderated. So we can say that there are a lot of delicious food

mostly eaten at this time and you can enjoy without fear of gaining step. But beware, this article today comes with a trick, keep reading until the end and you will know what it is …

Here we leave three of these foods:


Chestnuts like most nuts are a rich source of healthy fats and Vitamin C. You can also consume almonds or walnuts common. There is a point you have to consider here. Sources such as fat, even though they are healthy have many calories. Come, but do it moderately.


It is a custom in many countries, not only in the northern hemisphere. And is that blueberries are one of the best fruits for watching our weight, are an exquisite source of antioxidants, which among other benefits help you

prevent heart disease, improve blood circulation, prevent cancer and even lower levels of bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels.


A holiday classic. This is one of the best choices of main course for these dates. It is an excellent source of protein with low fat percentages. It also provides niacin and vitamin B6, both essential for energy metabolism. A tip, try cooking skinless turkey with a marinade based ground mustard seeds and herbs. You will have a delicious flavor and will eliminate fat.

If you already have weight problems or dream to take away some kilos off, ┬áthis holiday season. If you abuse or eat like last December of your life, you’ll be much further to meet those goals.

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