The sun salutation-how many benefits!

 sun birth execriseHow do the 12 positions of health in the sun to get a toned body and a relaxed mind

Do you feel stiff? Here is the ideal yoga exercise to regain the elasticity and not only the sun salutation!

Also a sequence of 12 positions to be carried out smoothly. Can be considered a heating or a task in itself.

If you only have 10 minutes a day to devote to your well-being, try the sun salutation, it is a very comprehensive exercise that requires strength and elasticity.

The ideal time to practice is in the morning at dawn or in the evening at sunset.

Wear comfortable clothes and if you can practice at the park, located in front of the sun. Given that this greeting is comprised of several movements, it is very important to try them separately at first to become familiar with each of them, and then perform the complete sequence that we propose below.

The changes are numerous and the sun salutation is suitable for everyone: experiment and explore your limits. Let yourself go and feel your breath and your body is an important moment for tel. More or practicing, the more you will develop your self-awareness. Our advice is to get there, slowly, to run from 8 to 12 sun salutations.

For good practice, initially working every posture. Yoga is not a sport, so its purpose is not to achieve good exercise but try relaxation and harmony when be able to perform the entire sequence.

As with any yoga posture, it is essential to combine breathing with every movement.

The benefits of the sun salutation are so many!

This exercise improves blood circulation and elasticity of muscles and is also great for the abs .

The sequence allows you to stretch your muscles .

Breathing helps to improve lung capacity and to dispose of stress and tension.

Has no contraindications and can be practiced at any age.

Salute to the sun

01 position hand pattern

From the position of the mountain (tadasana), brings the legs together. Verify that your body weight is evenly distributed on the soles of the feet. Inhale and bring your hands together at the chest, in the position of prayer. Exhale

02 position of arms up

Inhaling stretch arms upward, then lean back, arching his back according to your possibilities and push your hips forward slightly

03 position of hands at the foot

Exhale and bend forward, bringing your hands to the sides of the feet, possibly with your palms resting on the ground. Stretch the back as possible and, if necessary, aided by slightly bending the knees

04 Riding position

Breathing in, bring your right leg back resting the knee and foot to the ground, looking forward or up

05 position of the stick

Hold your breath, bringing the left leg back and supporting your body weight with your hands and toes. Maintaining the body and head in line and looks at the ground between his hands

06 position of greeting with eight parts of the body

Exhale, keeping knees, chest and forehead on the mat, keeping the hips lifted and toes bent.

07 cobra

Inhale and lower your toes and pelvis, stretch your feet and arches his back back. Look upward, keeping your shoulders down and your legs together and

08 mountain

Exhale, put pressure on the hands, stretching the arms, leads the pelvis up and stretch your legs, bringing the soles of the feet and, possibly, heels on the ground,

9 Riding position

Inhale and flex your right leg forward, bring your hips down, then exhale and flex in the left leg forward

10. Position of hands at the foot

Stretch your legs, keeping your hands on the ground, stretch your back as much as possible and the head down

11. Position of arms up

Breathing, gradually raises the back and arms, bringing your arms extended forward, then upward, palms of the hands together. Arched back, exhale and gently pushing the hips forward

12 position hand pattern (the prayer)

Then returns to the upright position while keeping your

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