The diets of the famous

The diets of the famousHow do you get celebrities donning impossible in those dresses? The famous have several beauty tips, as new beauty treatments, exercise at the gym and frequent touches of scalpel. But diet is essential to keep the kilos at bay. Discover preferred diets of the famous!

Beautiful, dazzling with a hairstyle especially with the latest fashion in your clothes .and a figure envied. We all like to be like the celebrities, who, like all women, should make sacrifices to stay thin. Be consistent and you will achieve your goal. Diet high in protein is being updated every year and emerging new forms.

The first known was launched by the dietitian Robert Atkins, claiming that they could lose 4 kilos in just one month without doing anything of exercise . One of the actresses who have tried it and sports an amazing body is Catherine Zeta Jones, which tends to gain weight and has lost several kilos thanks to this diet . consists of eating foods high in protein and fat, such as meat and eggs to reduce those compounds by carbohydrates and rich in sugars, which, according to this nutritionist, is what really fattening.

This diet has been criticized by some experts consider something compensated by not including carbohydrates, such as rice or grain required for the proper functioning of the body. Novelty in high protein diet with carbohydrates. But this diet has led to others that are also based on the consumption of foods with large amounts of protein, but allow the intake of certain carbohydrates, as the Zone Diet. Jennifer Aniston and the former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell, are due to her, and so are of thin.

With this diet consumption increases fat meats and vegetables, reducing sugars, and including some carbohydrates in small doses, like fruit and bread. actually has many healthy foods Mediterranean diet that has crossed borders, and also to reduce our volume offer healthful benefits in the body.

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