The diagram to burn fat

Slim 10 exercises that work every part of your body. Then, we have transformed each year in a 60-second station so you can test your heart and lungs as well as your muscles.

The final product is a high-intensity circuit designed to burn fat, describe your chest, abs and arms, and to raise the roof of your sporting ability. Sculpt an athletic and muscular body and you’ll be fitter than ever.

Do this circuit three times a week. Perform each of the series or seasons in order. Each season lasts 60 seconds. Do as many repetitions as you can during that time and then advances to the next position. To move between them, you have 15 seconds.

Rest 2 minutes after completing a full circuit. Then do each exercise twice. If you see that you can not hold on for a minute that lasts each of the stations, rest a few seconds and continues until time has expired.

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