Super foods Diet

Super DietWhile diet is basically a question of how much burning compared to how much you eat, it is also true that you will do better and faster to the extent that your meals healthier and more nutritious. The more healthy foods you favor are your most processes and hormones you need to lose weight.

So what better way to do that in your plan counting what are known as super foods? That’s why today we want to share with you about how many of these foods that contribute significantly to a better weight loss. Let’s see them.


Often cited as the archetypal super food because of its reputation for wide spectrum ranging from cancer to help reduce cholesterol, this food like all berries are full of antioxidants and nutrients. They also contain lots of fiber, ideal for those who want to lose a few kilos and start cleaning your digestive system to deflate.


The salmon will give you a big dose of Omega 3 fatty acid, which in the middle of other things shown to significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and contributing to the elimination of plaques in blood vessels. It is also an excellent source of lean protein. Ideal for inclusion in the diet at least twice a week.


Eating a breakfast high in protein is an excellent way to appetite for several hours. Eggs, in spite of its bad reputation are an incredible source of nutrition for its high content of protein and other nutrients such as one called choline, which helps prevent fat from being absorbed by the liver.


There are not many nutritionists supporter nuts because they are high in calories. However, if consumed in enough calories to lose weight are fantastic. While a handful of almonds to eat regularly are proven to make you eliminate double fat than non-consumed. They are also a great source of monounsaturated fats and fiber.

Green tea

Particularly in Your Ideal Body have a flaw for green tea. One reason is that speed metabolism, so that make you burn more fat. Besides the huge amount of antioxidants that has has benefits ranging from skin to prevent certain types of cancer. Cold, hot, drink green tea.


This is one of the most nutrient dense foods out there, and above contains only 30 calories in a cup. It has lots of fiber, antioxidants that detoxify your body and keep you reported success long. The reimbursement of eating one or two cups of broccoli every day are really endless for your weight and your health.

Reduced-fat milk or nonfat

Dairy products are necessary in your diet. Studies show that women who consume about 1,400 milligrams of calcium per day burn more fat than those who do not consume it. Yogurt, especially the plain yogurt that is so versatile, it helps to reduce production of the hormone cortisol, a hormone shot tends to reduce metabolism.


Black beans, chickpeas, peas, you have to be on your list of Super foods diet because they are high in fiber and protein. Turn them into your harness or add them to your soups and stews. We assure you that enjoy.


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