Stop sugary drinks to lose weight

lose weightThere is only one good thing about overeating. It is known that it has become. You can eat an appetizer of 1200 calories, 1500 calories and then a plate of fajitas. Now you’re thinking if you’re going to eat dessert chocolate cake.

However, did you know you can consume half or more of your recommended daily caloric needs in sugar sweetened beverages without realizing it?

Normally you usually complain about how full and satisfied you have been with food, and you are filled in part by the soda you drink just 200 calories.

Add the calories that you drink every day and you’ll be really sordidness. A calorie laden latte … 150. A large soda with lunch … 600 calories If you’ve taken a small soda go down to 500. A couple of beers after work … 250 calories. Sweetened iced tea with dinner … 200 calories. A glass of whiskey or two in the afternoon … 400 calories.

Some experts have argued that much of the obesity crisis in America today, is uniquely caused by sugary drinks.

That’s bad news. However, it is also good news because sugary drinks are easy to cut. Replace with water and a slice of lemon, diet drinks or sparkling water with lemon flavor. Instead of taking both coffee, drink a glass of orange juice, and drink beer without alcohol. Every time you’re thirsty, drink water first, so you can enjoy without using any other beverage to quench your thirst.

If you have teenage children have just gone to college, and will have to live in a residence, calcines that A can of sugar sweetened soda per day can cause weight gain 7 kilos in a year. It’s an easy habit to shake.

Beware of so called healthy drinks. We bought by many of the promises that claim in advertisements for the brand in question, and many of which are misleading. They make claims that they will build muscles, helping the brain to have more performance, to suppress appetite, and reduce your weight. In fact, despite all the claims about vitamins and minerals contained in the drink, the amounts are almost always too far below the actual amounts.

Therefore, as part of your weight loss plan, do not forget to control your drinks. Whether alcohol beverages high in calories sugar, drinks mocha, latte loaded, energy drinks, etc.. Note that if you delete weight loss will be closer.

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