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Health tipsEvery day on our blog we take delivery of more basic questions that are repeated endlessly on how to lose weight and why not he is doing, so we want to share a number of common mistakes, myths and recommendation for now diet a achievement for you .

Why would you starve?

Eating 1000 calories a day or less is not sufficient for anyone to lead a life. Starving yourself is not the way, nor is one very happy to say since you can not have fun with the discomfort of hunger.

You have to be in a slight calorie deficit to lose weight and lose fat well, and we want you to appreciate that the key is light. Not everyone has the same caloric needs but each one has to have a calorie deficit that never, ever exceed 500 calories a day and in no case lower than 1500 calories for women and 1800 for men. The first thing to do is to calculate your calorie needs and then from that point to burn around 500 calories less each day number.

Because you eat little, and since you have stalled. If your body has become accustomed to what you do. If you want to lose weight only food stagnation is predictable. Exercise is essential to avoid this, and exercising in a way that allows you to progress and challenge you slightly but getting a little more is the key to prevent it. At the same time you have to eat less, but not so if not your body to activate its defense mechanisms that make the opposite of what you’re expecting, and begin to store fat instead of burning it.

Use weights give pleasure to!

Three days of weightlifting routines are the basis bars, dumbbells and complex exercises is essential to lose weight, get physically fit and boost metabolism to facilitate the process. Cardio is good, but if you do six days of exercise bike without even putting a little effort to exercise stagnation is an assured thing. The advantage of the weights is that not only burns calories during the exercise, but many many hours afterwards.

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