Simple Tricks to Lose Weight

Diet tipsNutritionists, says that the little details, the ones that you hardly notice it, are the ones that cause a radical change in body weight. The latest research shows that people usually do not take into account the calories that the liquid contains, then eat more than you should. Avoid the trap of calories contained in drinks, drinking tea, regular coffee, water, and occasionally skim milk, diet soft drinks.

Use smaller plates, because in this way you will automatically serve small portions of food without even realizing it. A spoonful of pasta or a potato less will save you 31 calories.

You can change the butter and margarine with an assortment of butter with a low-fat, and if you do this with two slices of bread every day, you could prevent at least 80 calories. As simple as you can lose about a kilogram every two months.

Avoid mayonnaise because it has too many calories. If you want to continue using it, opt for a single diet.

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