Reasons for being overweight

Weight loseReasons for being overweight Some people have hereditary reasons for being overweight. Others suffer from some type of thyroid problems, which put off them from losing their weight, no matter how hard you are exercising.

People who suffer from thyroid related weight gain should consult a doctor and require medical interference in order to lose weight . But for most of us not being able to shake off the extra fat is due to the reason that we are not trying too hard or that we are following the wrong procedures.

Most of us are motionless life of lead, which is the number one reason for us to gain weight in excess. Most of us travel to work, sit at a desk for long hours and do not even go out to lunch. This lack of physical movement prevents us from burning the calories we take in our daily diet. In addition, the workplace of our friends and colleagues can bring chocolates, cakes and biscuits we eat without realize how much weight we are putting up.

And at the end of the day, when we return to our home we are too tired to cook a healthy dinner also and especially eating packaged foods. Some of us think that eating healthy is expensive, but it is not! You do not have to buy organic food with expensive price. Just replace the cookies and chips with some apples or fruit will go a long way to eat healthy and looking thin.

Most people do not have an exercise routine and do not have the habit of eating healthy, each of which contributes to their weight gain. Many people have not visited a gym in their entire lives! What they do not realize is that being obese not only makes you look bad, but also reduces life expectancy and leads to various diseases. By reducing the weight and stay thin, not only would be able to lead a healthy life, but also look much more attractive in the eyes of others.

In order to lose weight, you will have to make some changes to your daily routine. You will have to limit your intake of foods based on calories or junk foods and do some ‘moderate amount of exercise. Do not run crash diets because you are likely to gain more weight than you lost and even did not starve because they do not lead to a healthy metabolism. Eat sensibly and exercise moderately twice a week and you’re bound to stay slim and healthy for a lifetime ….

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