Obesity and overweight- be careful of the dangers to health

overweightUnfortunately overweight people face many Consequently, the increased risk of premature death to several debilitating disorders and psychological factors that are not life-threatening but can make life difficult.

The level of risk is influenced mainly by the relative amount of excess weight, the location of body fat and an increase in the age dell’peso adults. To solve all these problems in an immediate way, we wish to remind you that the best solution is to drop weight in a modest way.

The most serious problem of overweight? Diabetes

Unfortunately, the most serious problem for overweight people is to find yourself struggling with diabetes. Especially that of Type 2 is more closely linked to obesity and overweight. n fact, the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes increases with a BMI well below the threshold for obesity (BMI = 30). Obese women are 12 times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than women with a normal weight.


Do you want to find out if your weight can cause health risks? Try to measure yourself around the waist, a test that alone is not sufficient but that will allow you to figure out if you have excess fat on your stomach.

A value important to keep under control, since the excess fat on the abdomen can increase risks to a greater extent than the fat present in other parts of the body.

Has not yet been scientifically explained why overweight people, are most at risk of type 2 diabetes contrary. Probably the excess weight, goes some way to edit the cells making them more resistant to insulin.

If you suffer from this disorder the advice is to reproving target weight loss, increasing physical activity and abandoning once and fo

The problem of the ‘obesity is increasing worldwide, as a growing number of overweight people is found in no time. The moment you realize you have put on too overweight, that you think about the consequences for their health, what will?

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