Lose weight on your holiday among these 7 routines

holiday weight loss1) Suspend from the well-loaded backpack espalada

The next time you go for a walk, a backpack with 20% of your weight. In a report of the American College of Sports Medicine found that this increases the fat intake of the handles by 30%. Canes can also carry mountain. Canes force you to take longer strides and will develop more strength, which will increase energy production by 67%. Although that cause more than a look of surprise at the grocery store on the corner.

2) Go to bed early on

Researchers at Wake Forest University (USA) have determined that to minimize abdominal fat gain, you have to sleep at least six hours. With less, the ability to burn carbohydrates decreases. Take a three-hour margin between the output of the gym and bedtime, as the training stimulates the production of adrenaline and difficult to sleep.

3) Sharpen your heart

The key is to reach the target heart rate. Your optimal heart rate should be 134 ppm. In studies conducted at the University of Colorado (USA) has observed that, at this intensity, more fat is consumed. Running is the best activity, because burning 0.7 g of fat per minute without stopping, as was observed in a study by the University of Cape Town.

4) Lift weights with power

The weights activate your fat burning furnace. A group of scientists from the Ball State University (USA) have shown that, to lose weight, you have to accelerate the lifting phase of a movement of weights, completing it in a second, and regain the starting position three.

The lower body exercises such as squats, calf raises strides and are best suited for this type of intensive training. Once you complete the last repetition, retrieves your battered body with a glass of milk. Researchers at McMaster University (Canada) found that subjects who drank 600ml of skimmed milk after a weights session lost almost twice as fat than recovering with a sports drink.

5) Do not go too swift

Slow down for longer. A study by the University of New South Wales showed that eight seconds of high intensity training followed by 12 seconds of low intensity were the perfect ratio for weight loss. Our advice: use an elliptical machine or an exercise bike. Work hard for eight revolutions, and then do 12 laps to 40 or 50% effort. Repeat the sequence 20 minutes twice a week, and in two weeks notice the results.

6) Eat each three hours

To burn calories, make five small meals a day. I suggest a study from the University of Toronto: three meals should combine protein and carbohydrates. Take a boiled egg with whole wheat toast for breakfast and a hot cheese sandwich later. Then an avocado salad. In the last two meals increases the metabolic rate in 81 calories avoiding taking carbohydrates and 70% protein.

7) Get vitamins

Belly Fat Attack with adequate vitamin. A study by the University of Minnesota (USA) concluded that increasing vitamin D levels help to lose weight. Biggest source is wild salmon 100 g gives you 25 mg of the recommended daily dose. Season the fish with garlic and lemon and accompany it with a salad dressed with vinegar and olive oil to eliminate kilos. That power antioxidants, which neutralize chemicals in the body that contribute to greater weight. In two weeks you will see less beer.

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