Lose kilos and lose body extra fat

Burn extra fatIt is supposed that losing weight is a matter for take off kilos, if you do that the difficulty is solved … is it true? at all. You see, there is a small but significant trouble with losing only engage kilos, that does not take into account factors such as the amount of fluid or muscle can be lost in the process. And if you’re wonder if this matter the answer is a resounding yes and all. Losing kilos does not differentiate between fat, water and muscle.

For example, if you munch through too much sodium, refined carbohydrates while you drink little water your body will retain a lot of fluid, which will make your weight in kilos increase.

Conversely if you drink plenty of water, you moderate carbohydrate intake or what is better still change your carbohydrates highly refined carbohydrate quality, and you think on your meals contain less sodium your weight in kilos will be reduced significantly.

So what your goal to lose weight is to eat your meals mentioned so kilos less? Not again. Slimming Your goal is not to lose kilos but lose fat, they are not the same thing. Improve your body work of art, which is the same as losing fat will become in many benefits for your body, plus slimming …

The fat removed makes your thinning more permanent

Fat does not recover as fast as the liquid

Lose fat slows metabolism, lose kilos (which makes you lose muscle tissue) if you do and that in turn makes you lose weight more slowly.

You lose fat also improves your health and body structure

So it is essential that whatever your diet plan contains a mandatory component: control. The main objective of controlling your weight is on one hand to know if what you do works and other fat loss estimate. There are more accurate methods to weigh yourself and the scale weight does not discriminate and does not tell you if the weight you lose is muscle or fat or liquid.

Among these the most ordinary methods is easy to get to gauge body fat meter. However, if you only have access to a scale you can also judge whether you are eliminating fat. To do think that if you lose between half a kilo and one kilo per week chances are you’re losing fat. But if you lose more than that weight, particularly if you have many kilos to lose most probably with a minimum of fat you are losing much more fluid and muscle, which is said to lose kilos. Today there are many choices of home scales that have the option to measure your body fat percentage. Not a very accurate method, but it is a good estimate so make a small investment of $ 30 or $ 40 you can give up excellently.

Now you know that your goal is to lose fat, and that is the most natural and healthy way possible: by exercising each day and eating a healthy and balanced diet. change the focus of your weight loss and your body will change permanently. You, in turn enjoy not having to struggle with your rolls every month.

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