How to lose weight fast

weight fasta) Drink plenty of water

This is not a secret, you hear this everywhere, you should drink at least 2 liters of water a day! Well, there’s a reason why I put this principle in the first place! Water is vital, detoxifies the body and contributes to the metabolism of the fires. My advice is to drink plenty of water, if possible, even three or four liters per day you can also drink tea or lemonade sweetened with honey. They always have a bottle of water next to you, it will be much easier. Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink water because then the body is already dehydrated and it is too late. The water often help you realize that you were actually thirsty, not hungry!

b) Breakfast

It ‘very important what kind of food your giving your body for the first time that day! It ‘s true that breakfast should be rich, but do not overdo it, because if you eat a lot in the morning, eat a lot all day long! It is recommended that the first morning snack should consist of fruits like apples, grapes, oranges, kiwi, mango, pineapple, nectarines – avoid bananas. Fruits not only great for detoxification, but also offer essential vitamins for the body and helps you lose weight faster. So, try to eat a little ‘fruit during the morning, about 1-2 hours before breakfast.

c) Eat moderate!

At the beginning, it will be rather difficult to give away all of your old diet that you have been accustomed to, so will not even ask you to do so. Do not limit yourself to anything, except for the amount of food you eat. First you have to get used to eating less and more moderate. Be honest with yourself and listen to your stomach! Eat slowly and enjoy your food, you will know when to stop, even if you have not emptied the pot! Do not be driven by appetite, appetite is only in our brain and is the biggest enemy against weight loss. Conclusion: Satisfy your appetite, but be moderate! If you listen to your body, you will eventually feel that the amount of food you’ve eaten (smaller than you were used to) will be more than enough! Give your body what it needs, not what your appetite tells you!

d) Be more active!

To lose weight fast, the change in your way of life diet should be combined with an active lifestyle, with practice! It ‘s very significant to not only lose weight but also to increase the strength of the body, become more healthy, and help increase the protected system. What is the golden rule to help you be able to do regular exercise, without giving up after a couple of weeks only? Well, do sports in a modest pace, enough to feel that you’ve worked your body and just a little ‘more! So you could always do without thoughts with horror of gym class you need to attend today, or fitness, aerobics, etc. Do not push yourself too much, because you will not be able to keep up with it for a long time and soon ‘ll stop! Start reasonable and if you’re honest with yourself you will feel when your body is able to handle a greater effort and then you know that it’s time to increase the difficulty of the exercise. The movement more efficient that will help you lose weight fast is running! It uses many muscles in the body and helps to increase endurance. There is no problem if you can not run and you get tired too easily! Just run as much as possible, then take a break while you are still walking up the return to normal breathing, then start running again and so on!

e) Find your hobby

Most of us gain weight since we find great pleasure in eating! Well, here is the moment when a hobby should interfere! Whether it’s art or just walking your dog, think about what you enjoy doing and devote your time to do this! Therefore you will spend your time in a pleasant way, and think less … food! Sometimes you eat because you’re bored and have nothing else to do, or we are stressed, anxious, etc. Do not hurt yourself like that! Insulate yourself from these thoughts of retiring in your hobby!

Once you make these small changes you can enjoy the feeling of not only have a lower weight, but also a healthy body and mind! You will not regret it, just be honest with yourself and have self-assurance! Anything is possible if you really want! It ‘s all a matter of willpower!

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