Golden rules for weight loss

weight loss rulesWe will now show tremendously effective diet rules. These are short concepts that have a lot of power and will certainly make a difference in what you obtain them or leave them to do.

1. Do not skip meals. When you’re really hungry like when you skip meals the least important is the amount and good choices.

2. Ideally you should not lose weight over half a kilo to a kilo per week.

3. Exercise is essential for weight loss, and is more effective when done a little each day long ago when very few times a week.

4. To lose weight and not regain the lost weight understands that you can not go back to eating as before, or the lack of physical activity.

5. If you stop eating or eat very little will throw you in the foot. You will begin to accumulate everything you eat as fat and reduce your metabolism doing more complicated process.

6. To see esbelt as the food alone is not enough. You also need to exercise.

7. One slip does not justify eating poorly all day. Retake your good habits at the next meal.

8. Reduce, do not eliminate. Reduce portion sizes instead of removing whole food groups  like fats, good carbs, fruits, etc.

9. Breakfast. Those who do tend to eat fewer calories throughout the day.

10. Eat protein in all your meals. This speeds up your metabolism while you feel reported success with less food.

11. Slow Food is not a matter of taste food. Will you give your body a chance to realize when you are satisfied and eat less food.

12. If you have a weakness for a particular food … do not take it home! Eat it in restaurants occasionally.

13. If your job does not allow you to have lunch at home preparing your food the night before and take it. So you will not leave cort options.

14. Sleep well and you will not binge during the day.

15. Keep your portions under control, do not repeat and never will fight against your weight.

16. Always save some calories for healthy snacks between meals or snacks.

17. Drink a glass of water just before each meal. This will help you eat less and feel reported success with before.

18. It also ends all your meals with a large glass of water. Water assists in all processes of thinning.

19. Keep a food diary. This allows you to keep track of what you eat.

20. Use smaller plates. There are many who argue that research will eat less.

21. If you went too far with some of your meals overlooking the “damage control” by reducing the amount of food the next meal.

22. Do not think about what you can not eat, think about what you can you also enjoy eating some fruits or vegetables, or healthy preparations that you prefer.

23. If you choose canned fish in water instead of oil you save almost a third of the calories.

24. Always be prepared one to two servings of brown rice is extremely beneficial for the fiber and its filling capacity.

25. To flavor your meals replaces mayonnaise for mustard seeds.

26. Forget about the miracle products. Not work.

27. Aleja temptations. Do not fill your pantry with fattening products, or chocolates, or sugars, etc.. If you are not at home are less likely to eat them.

28. Learn to flavor with herbs, spices, peppers, vinegar or lemon.

29. ALWAYS Plan. Do not have healthy options on hand makes the inevitable unhealthy choices most of the time. And only think of a time when you had to resort to fast food for not having prepared your food, it’s just what you choose first …

30. Always accompany your meals with lots of vegetables, preferably raw, steamed or boiled.

31. If you learn to eat healthy and to discover your own amounts, and if by that you incorporate exercise habits, never have weight problems.

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