Exercise to weight lose 10 kg in a month

weight fastI had to gradually increase exercise every day, from 30 minutes of the attack phase to nearly an hour a day of work high-intensity cardiovascular between walking, running and exercise with weights during the cruise phase.

In addition to this I drank more than 2 liters of water a day and never give me sugar-free drinks in every part of the time.

I have used this scheme for about 3 weeks without the target weight of 59 kg! I lost 10 kg in a few words in a month between the attack phase and the cruise phase. You can not imagine my happiness these days.

Now I entered the third phase, which should make for about 50 days and then begin the final phase. I will tell you .. Meanwhile, I can only thank the staff of that supported me and especially born in the past 30 days with advice and assistance truly unique .. thanks Sergio and Mark.

After this amazing experience, I wanted to make an appeal to all those people who need to lose weight but who for one reason or another have never been able to live up to their promises and their good intentions … you want to lose 10 kg in a month or 5 kg in 3 months, what really makes a difference in the ┬áis the motivation and the desire to achieve a goal. Any scheme will not do you any good if you do not have in mind your goal and you do not have a strong motivation to achieve it.

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