Exercise helps prevent disease

ExercisePast 60 years exercise helps prevent disease and the development of dementia, according to a study published today in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

The analysis followed closely the activity of 3,500 people who were retired or about to retire for a period of eight years to determine the influence of exercise.

Thus, the study found that those who engaged in physical activity on a regular basis were three times more likely to maintain good health compared to those who had a sedentary life.

Exercise recalls publication, reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, depression and Alzheimer’s.

Also, who exercised had less trouble performing daily activities such as washing clothes or dressing.

A fifth of those who took part in the survey were in good health, it does not suffer from any chronic physical problems or mental illness.

Regular exercise throughout life is ideal, but there are benefits even if started later, after 60 years, the researchers at University College London.

Dr. Mark Hamer, of the university, said the message is that we must keep moving when you’re old.

Hamer said that physical activity does not mean going to the gym or running, but also involves gardening or taking a walk.

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