Eat more to lose weight slowly

lose weight slowlyIf losing weight is the goal you’ve set for this fall, you should pay attention to the following tips. These tricks are easy and not involve excessive sacrifice and, most importantly, they work. Applies them and watch daily help you lose that your spare kilos.

1) Focus on the smell of food

The phrase smells that feeds is no longer just a popular saying to become a scientific fact.

But is it possible that the smell fills your stomach? Well, yes. This is the surprising conclusion reached by a recent study by the Foundation for Research and Treatment of Smell and Taste of Chicago (USA). According discovered, there is a strange connection between the foods that smell good and weight loss. But that does not mean you can feed yourself air.

How do I?

Of what it is to eat more slowly, concentrating on the smell of the food you eat.   At the end of the day, says Dr. Alan Hirsch, author of the study, the smells are perceived as flavors, so increase the feeling of satiety and make us feel full sooner.

2) Curry on your meals included

Do you love curry? Well you’re in luck. One of the best kept secrets of turmeric basic ingredient in this exotic blend of spices, is that it contains a substance powerfully antioxidant cur cumin.

After performing an experiment with mice, a team of researchers from the University of Columbia (USA) concluded that taking a teaspoon of this mixture daily oriental helps reduce body weight, even with increased consumption of calories.

3) Breakfast stronger

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper, the saying goes. And, a protein-packed breakfast eggs, lean meats, low fat cheeses … not only give you energy to face with renewed vigor to a tiring day, but eventually, will also help you lose weight.

How do I?

The nutritionist I Maria Teresa Moose explains-A protein breakfast increases metabolism and the hormones that transform food into energy are more numerous in the morning. This is a phenomenon that corroborates an experiment conducted by the Virginia Commonwealth University (USA). For eight months, the researchers forced a group of obese people having breakfast brought them 600 calories, and a lunch and a light dinner. At the end of the experiment, all had thinned at least 18 kilos.

4) Moderate exercise practice

A hormone-publicized humorous, serotonin , still had a trump juicy: it can help you lose weight because, according to a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism , reduces appetite and promotes satiety .

How do I?

The dietitian Maribel Lujan explains that “the best way to take advantage of these virtues is physical exercise to release serotonin, and eating a diet rich in carbohydrates, fiber, fat monounsaturated and folic acid present in lentils or spinach ” . The perfect recipe for a good mood and not an ounce more.

5) Forget appetizers

More bad news: the skinny diet compensate weekdays with weekend binge is not recommended for weight loss .

How do I?

If you do not want to throw away all efforts to keep your weight in check, make him listen to Maria Teresa Moose:-Although it’s okay to let go sometimes, the laxity of the weekend can not become the normal.

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