Do you want gorgeous legs?

Slim  legsYou have thick legs? Try exercises for tapered legs and tonic. The legs are urge all day yet often, regardless of diet and massages, it is difficult to lose weight at that point.

It happens because the muscles of the legs are influential, but if they are not enthused enough and with the right intensity relax and … farewell mini skirts and shorts! The main enemy of the fat that accumulate on the legs is the sedentary lifestyle we lead. Added to this are extensive problems that can make it difficult to dispose of the pads on the thighs.

Hormonal changes that a woman undergo throughout life. pregnancy and menopause) and that result in the accumulation of fat and the appearance of the hated cellulite from the calf to the thighs. This occurrence is observed especially in women with a pear-shaped morphology.

Circulatory problems, responsible for the feeling of heavy legs, legs swell, water retention. Favor the accumulation of fat that you delete more difficult.

What is the solution? Addition to drinking lots of water, it is essential to practice regular physical activity to develop muscle mass and arouse the lymphatic circulation.

So, to find the tapered legs, the secret is to make them work.

First step: change your daily habits to work your legs as much as possible. The legs are not made to stand still, so the more you have the more reminders tonic!

Trick: at home, in the morning or evening, get in the habit of walking on his toes, like a ballerina, stomach in, for 3 minutes. It ‘a simple exercise but very effective if you do it every day by running at least 4 reps at a time (3 minutes + pause of 4 seconds to 4 repetitions). Another trick? Go up the stairs on tiptoe: Sanforized, so, the muscles of the quadriceps and even the buttocks.

However, if you want a more listening carefully training program for slender legs and slender, try the exercises. Perform them every morning at home, and if you want to enhance the work, use of small weights to be applied to the ankle. For more toned legs, it takes 15 minutes a day of exercise, of course practiced time after time.

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