Control childhood obesity

child obesityMore than seventeen percent of children in Italy is obese and this number continues to increase day by day. Excess body weight leads to many health problems such as – heart disease, high blood pressure, increased blood pressure and reduced life expectancy. E ‘for this reason important to know the exact reason why teenagers are gaining excess weight and discover their possible cure.

Your child eat food to get energy which is then spent in their physical activity. The energy that is not used is stored inside our body in the form of fat. So it is important to know how much energy your child needs to complete his / her physical activities. If your child eats more than he / she desires, then it is obvious that they will become obese and fat.

The reasons behind the child gain weight in excess is for reasons such as diet that is taking so fatty foods or sugar-containing foods, lack of physical activity and also his / her family history. If a child’s parents are obese then it is likely that he / she too will become obese.

Since they are the parents and spend the most time with them, it becomes your responsibility to determine whether your child is eating healthy, do some physical exercises and so on. Try a few tricks in this article and you are more likely to see your child get back to normal weight again soon.

Limiting your child’s TV watch to no more than 2 hours a day. Encourage them in physical behavior like taking your dog for a walk, sweep the yard or even removing weeds from your garden.Get them in indoor games like hide and seek, jumping and dancing.

Make sure your child is eating healthy as a lot of fruits, vegetables, fiber-based foods and even farm animals such as fish, meat and eggs. Give your child the skim milk instead of whole milk. Discourage your child from eating fried foods and junk like burgers, fries and chips and also from taking colas and other carbonated.

Make delicious smoothies and shakes for your child and are more likely to enjoy them as much as they would when taking carbonated beverages. Divide your child’s meals in 4-5 smaller portions and feed them throughout the day. These help to control appetite and prevent overeating.

Follow the tips outlined in this article and implement them sooner than later. Being a parent, you can be the biggest driving force in deciding whether your child will live healthy or obese throughout his life.

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