Tips for Losing Weight

Lose WeightIt is not to starve yourself, but you learn to replace certain eating habits to get weight loss , adding some exercise, if you want to improve the results. Before speculate that these tips will get amazingly lose weight, you should be aware that these tips are not immediate effect.

Well if you really want to exclude extra pounds and cases the only effective and safe way is exercise and a balanced diet. But I love to calories and portions are large for you, you can choose making changes to your diet and slowly you go running other changes, which eventually and as a habit. The following tips for weight loss :


 Usually diets food or try to cut calories. However, a good choice is to add more food, but yes the foods that help you lose weight. Add your dinner vegetables or vegetables you like best protein to your diet such as: meat or a chicken breast. Like vegetables contain high fiber content you will feel with few calories. Seasoned vegetables or salads with a mild vinaigrette or lemon. You should avoid these seasonings with sauces. Going to try to add healthy foods to your meals, more fruits, more vegetables and brown rice.

 You should not deprive yourself of the foods you like, but do not overdo it. You should consume a serving very small and do not repeat, and especially if it is a food with enough calories. Keep in mind that no business that deprive yourself of your favorite dessert, just reduce what you eat and the portion size.

 You’re going to substitute ingredients for something lighter. For example: In the burgers will add more slices of tomato and a lettuce leaf instead of cheese.

 It is important to do the three main meals, you should not skip them. When you make more than three meals but in small quantities and spaced in time, speeds up metabolism and burn a lot more fat than if you spend hours and hours without eating. In addition to the three main meals, two snacks very light beam with a handful of nuts, some many grapes, a glass of unsweetened yogurt. If you’re hungry before you sleep, avoid eating food that contains sugar, better opt for a slice of lean turkey for example.

 The longer you on the table, the more you continue to eat, even if you’re full. Just half an hour for lunch, which is sufficient time to serve and you can enjoy your food, chew slowly and eat less. When you’re done, get up and leave the room or kitchen.

 You reduce sugar. Not just in the deserts, but also at breakfast as coffee, milk or tea. If you can not exclude sugar, take half the amount that you added regularly. Do not drink beverages with high sugar content such as packaged fruit juices or soft drinks. You must take at breakfast a cup of orange juice and the rest of the day you should drink plenty of water. It is recommended that you take at least two liters of water daily.

 Do not consume alcohol. Limit yourself to a glass of wine.

 You must serve your food on smaller plates and cups, and will be filled with a small amount of food, which will help you consume fewer calories and you will notice the difference. Likewise, you should serve only once and make it a habit. With them get even more benefits.

 You must do some physical exercise. If you’re one of those people who does not like going to the gym, you can walk two or three kilometers, cycling, swimming or do any sport you like.

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