Tips for eliminating belly fat

 belly fatAre you can sad of having too much abdominal fat?. For many abdominal fat is a big problem. Not only aesthetically ugly, but studies have shown that abdominal fat is probably the most dangerous type of body fat.

The best way to eliminate belly fat in a fast and healthy is through a combination of smart eating and regular exercise. Keep the diet tips presented below you and soon you will see it melt your belly fat, and in turn you will feel much better.

* Eat some protein at each meal. Lean protein is a food fat burning because it speeds up the metabolism, stabilizes blood sugar and insulin levels, helps to build muscle tissue, and keeps you feeling full. Lean meats, eggs, low fat dairy products, nuts, seeds and protein powder whey proteins are excellent forms of healthy, high quality.

* Eat plenty of vegetables and two pieces of fresh fruit every day. Vegetables and fresh or frozen fruits are the best carbohydrates you can eat when you are trying to eliminate abdominal fat and have a leaner body. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and other healthy nutrients but low in calories.

* Test yourself  Sugar comes in many forms and can certainly ruin your efforts to lose weight and eliminate abdominal fat, sometimes without you noticing. Learn to read labels and try to avoid any food or product that contains more than a gram or two of sugar per serving. Obviously avoid all soft drinks and juices containing sugar. Even products like canned tomato sauces often contain high levels of sugar so it must be a tent at all times.

* Limit processed foods. In general, the less processed or prepared food has been a healthier it is for you. Eat foods such as lean meats, fresh fruit, or steamed vegetables, raw nuts and raw seeds on a regular basis, and avoid processed foods as much as possible. Doing this will help eliminate belly fat before you think.

* Only a portion of starch day. For many reasons, eating starchy foods such as bread, cereal, pasta, etc., is counterproductive when it comes to eliminating belly fat. You will get a better body and thinner in less time if you eat only a portion of starchy foods daily. Healthier choices are potato, oatmeal (unsweetened), a cereal very unique and healthy you can find in many health food stores and beans (fat free or low fat).

* Limit alcohol consumption  If you drink alcohol regularly are ruining your weight loss process.

* Eat more good fats every day. Do not try to completely cut fat from your diet because it will hurt your overall health and make weight loss much more difficult. Focus on providing your body good fats in your diet with olive oil cooking and eating healthy foods rich in omega3 such as fish, flax seeds and walnuts.

* Drink plenty of pure water  Drink plenty of water throughout the day is undoubtedly one of the best ways to eliminate belly fat. Drinking plenty of water helps curb appetite, control food cravings, boost metabolism and remove toxins from your body.

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