The great foods for Diet and Slim

Diet and Slim foodThe great benefits that have the studs for diet and slim, what is the best way to prepare it and how much to eat to get the most out of this powerful fat burning food that nature provides us.

Asparagus is a plant native to the Mediterranean features, namely Egypt. It is a green vegetable, in the shape of a spear and a head with green sprouts. You can eat all parts of the asparagus.

The asparagus can be purchased throughout the year and are available in three different varieties- green the most popular, white and purple. The studs are born and grow up without the need of the sun.

You will hardly find the purple variety in the United States. Neither are in the United States, or sold in its stores, but are available in Europe.

 Some of the sites where asparagus are grown in California and Washington, two states in the U.S., and also grown in Mexico and Chile among others.

Diet Benefits fat burning

Asparagus is an excellent food source of folic acid, vitamin C and potassium. Among other functions of folate are supporting amino acid metabolism, DNA synthesis, repair and production of white and red blood cells. Research indicates that folic acid can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Vitamin C is useful to get rid of the infection in your body and stimulates the metabolism, allowing you to burn more fat.

Potassium is useful in regulating blood pressure levels and helps maintain proper fluid balance in the body.

The plant only has a few calories, contains zero fat and sodium content is very poor.

Researchers believe that stimulate the immune system and help reduce cholesterol levels in the body. They also contain a good amount of vitamin E.

Asparagus has inulin, a carbohydrate that is not digested by the body, but rather is used by the body to feed healthy bacteria in the gut. This keeps your intestinal tract healthy.

The root of asparagus has compounds called steroidal glycosides that might be able to help your body fight inflammatory diseases. There are Chinese herbalists recommend asparagus root in their remedies to treat arthritis.

Asparagus has FOS, a natural diuretic that is a determining factor when it comes to burning body fat.

The asparagine is an alkaloid substance found in asparagus and helps stimulate the kidneys, and it improves circulation. This helps to soften alkaloid fat cells due to their ability to decompose the oxalic acid. When the acid decomposes the fat is separated from the cells.

Medium dish cooked asparagus about 6 asparagus about is the dose that is recommended to eat at least once a week, equivalent to roughly 90 grams has about 25% of the daily requirement of folic acid, and more than 80 % of the daily requirement of vitamin C.

In addition, asparagus is healthy petrochemicals, which are natural plant source that helps protect the health of overall body health.

Diet  How to prepare?

Asparagus is a great food to add to any dish. Its flavor is delicious, and you can eat with a full plate of vegetables or you can eat only. You can add to your salad night a tip of asparagus. Also you can mix with tuna, chicken, with cheese, etc,

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