Soups and stews that weight

Soups and stews that weightWith the imminent arrival of winter, nothing fancy and more comforting than a bowl of spoon snug. We give you very practical ideas and fast to enjoy stews that weight no, you will not have to be sorry later.

We all thought that stews should be firm, heavy and fattening. There are those who do, but most rely on the ingredients that everyone will want to put. You have to control your diet and eat foods consistent, but low in fat. What most of these dishes are fattening sausage and sauces that we add. In all kinds of dishes usually include meats such as beef, chicken or pork gives the flavor for the dish.

But we give you some simple tricks, such as replacing the typical sausage or sausage stews with vegetables and legumes such as artichokes, carrots, beans, eggplant . have the same taste, but healthier. Another tip is to cook the dishes with beef fat in the pan, but remove it once we eat the dish, so will the aroma and flavor, without the fat. Such dishes are very beneficial to the organism because they are high in fiber . Furthermore, let us fully satisfied, and that makes it not tempted to eat between meals, because with this great single dish at lunch or in the evening , we will not need anything else. There is nothing better than a nutritious soup for warmth. In winter, it is good at all times, both in food and in dinner. ‘s can make thousands of flavors, mushrooms, asparagus, vegetables, with carrots, onion . or with fish, as the traditional tuques, typical of the area of Catalonia and Valencia. can mix several foods at once and still be better. Also, the good thing about soups is that they have a lot of water, which fills your stomach long before. Legumes becomes an indispensable staple of the Mediterranean diet. Contrary to what you may think, not fat, so that a good bowl of soup is not only optimal for these dates, but throughout the year because it provides vitamins and iron necessary for our body. They are also recommended for heart disease and lowers the levels of cholesterol .

As discussed above, we do we get fat is all that we add to the dish, either morcilla or chorizo, so better we forget and if you see something lentils bland, the better we put a pinch of onion, spices, beef broth and cinnamon sticks or eucalyptus. chickpeas also highly recommend the essential food of traditional Spanish cooking, because they provide fiber and amino acids necessary to keep your body healthy always . to those which do not make as much grace eat chickpeas, is mixed with rice, noodles, and some fish, have a special flavor

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