Slimming eating brussels sprouts

brussels sproutsBrussels sprouts are a vegetable very similar to cauliflower. Thanks to the benefits that will help you remove the excess liquid and thin about how many kilos.

It is a food that has very few calories, and that is a key factor that will help you lose weight.

Although it has fewer calories, will help you feel satisfied and reduce your anxiety.

This food diet contains many antioxidants, enhance the activity factor and functioning of your cells and fat burning, and that will help eliminate the action of toxic substances that can form cancer cells.

It is rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that will help the formation of collagen, bones have healthier, better absorb other nutrients and resist better against any infection.

It is rich in folate, which will help to produce red and white blood cells.

It has Iodine, a mineral essential for thyroid gland function properly, which is responsible for maintaining body temperature. Also if you are a woman you are pregnant is important to get as brussels sprouts training help your child’s brain.

You will need to consume boiled if you have intestinal problems due to intestinal inflammation and gases that can reach provoke.

The best way to cook if you intend to consume to lose weight is by crossshaped incisions in the base, and you take away the leaf surface as they are often damaged, and then put them to boil. It is a great food to accompany meat, fish and such tortillas

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