Risk of obesity

 lose weightBeing overweight, means being exposed to a number of diseases that sooner or later end up affecting the health of a person, in this post I want you to understand why it is important to lose weight and stay in shape. Many people dismiss this fact and therefore give little or no importance, so it is important to impress upon these people, the consequences of being over weight, if you’re over weight, as you are in a good place and surely have all the enthusiasm and desire to lose weight healthily , if the case is that you have an acquaintance or family member who suffers from obesity

Invite you to read this article and to visit all this blog and be encouraged to start losing weight and really everything will change, my intention is to help and assist all those people who want to do it, there is nothing better than being in harmony with your body and your mind.

What risks are associated with being over weight?


Obesity can cause a plaque can lodge in the arteries, these over time can cause a blood clot in the brain, blocking the passage of oxygen and therefore causing a stroke.


Being obese, you increase your chance of developing breast cancer, colon and gallbladder among others.


It can also cause menstrual abnormalities and infertility, bone, infant non-conception.

Triglycerides and cholesterol.

Being overweight also increased fat levels in the blood, altering the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol, this means that there is an increased risk of coronary heart disease.

Diabetes type two.

This disease can cause coronary disease, blindness, stroke, among others, the most affected are overweight.

High pressure.

This is the blood pressure in the arteries ago, if it can degenerate dramatically increases the body in many ways, a large percentage of those who suffer, are overweight.

Heart disease.

These are the most common and almost always end with a cardiac arrest.

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