Lose weight without starving

Lose weight without starvingSure to make five meals a day and do not skip any breakfast, mid morning, lunch, snack and dinner . Remember that the lunch and dinner should be slightly higher than the rest in quantity, and more copious breakfast than usual . Eat all eats anything, no food allowed. Choose the simplest ways to cook: grilled, baked, steamed . Increase your intake of fresh vegetables and legumes. Prioritizes healthy protein sources such as eggs, fish and lean meats. Replaces whole milk for skim versions. From first salad start every meal with a fresh salad you can prepare with all the variety of lettuces and vegetables you can think of, the ones you like,a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice.

Check how much it will help you satisfy your appetite. Eye with crabs! Already know that breakfast should be complete, and is the ideal time to consume carbohydrates that provide us energy. Include whole grains or a couple of slices of bread that can accompany fresh cheese, a little jam or honey light.

Do not hesitate to also incorporate a piece of fruit or fresh fruit juice of your choice. Conversely, avoid foods high in carbohydrates at dinner, it is best to opt for a salad, cream or vegetable soup and fish . For dessert, a low fat yogurt, and before bed relaxing infusion.

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