Healthy and diet thin autumn

Healthy and diet thin autumnIn autumn, usually to terminate the holiday: we rejoined the younger work and back to school. Seasonal change and return to the routine of work make us feel a bit tired and stressed.

Appropriate to include in our diet foods like pasta, rice, vegetables or potatoes that provide energy and are low in fat. They should not miss the vitamins and minerals, remembering that stress can influence their loss. To accommodate the arrival of autumn through the kitchen must use daily foods that provide energy,

heat up and provide enough calories to offset the cold outside. This results in reduced meals and cold drinks to choose seasonal food preference. Salads can make space in the weekly menus to soups and creams, while fresh fruits cede land to the roasted, baked or stewed  , says marisela salas , ceo of diet gourmet . Vegetables and seasonal vegetables months fall are ideal to fill the basket of assorted vegetables and seasonal vegetables such as aubergines, carrots, leeks, onions, lettuces and endives and all kinds of sprouts. Both will contain compounds that, in addition to being the flavorings and natural flavors of these vegetables are also distinguished by their functional qualities antioxidant and anti inflammatory. These effects are essential to serve food that helps the body to deal with colds, flu and infections common in seasonal changes.

Protein healthy and seasonal fruit eggs, fish, both white and blue, and lean meats like chicken, beef or turkey can also be ideal complement for autumn days on the diet by adding seasonal fruits like grapes, pears, apples, bananas or fruit the forest. For normal growth of all imperative function of human we need usual supply of 40 different nutritional components. If one is missing or just take in insufficient quantity deficiency symptoms appear more or less serious.

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