Foods to lose weight

 lose weightSome foods that will help in a concrete and specific to lose weight and therefore sill see, it is worth noting that there are many foods that you can serve and not necessarily limited to which I will mention the other hand, you need to understand that these foods should alternate with a daily exercise routine. These foods that you will mention below, will help you lose weight, thanks to the elements that compose them.


Fish contains OMEGA3, which is excellent for preventing heart disease, on the other hand is rich in protein and very low in fat, this makes for one of the number one food and help you in a more efficient in my opinion .


This is an essential nutrient for our aspirations are high in protein and low in fat, you can prepare a vegetable broth and add chicken meat and fish.


This food is one of the number 1 and most recommended for weight loss and eating a healthy diet because it is fat and rich in protein.


It is advisable to eat in the morning as it satiates hunger and controls during the morning with its proteins.

Soy Meat:

This fat free, rich in protein and also simulates very well the flavor of the meat.

Green Tea:

Enables faster metabolism and therefore helps burn fat faster.


Because of its high water content is very good to eat in the morning, keep you satisfied, and it contains no calories.

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