Diet and slimming Plum

Diet for slimThe nourishing properties with plums you to lose weight. It is a cleansing diet and you should not lose detail. As we have been discussing since we started the blog, and do not get tired of repeating it, to lose weight and burn that extra fat the body is very important to purify your body. When debugging your body you will increase your metabolism, and thus your body will be more prone to lose weight.

If you eat plums can get effectively lose weight, but in this article we will show you how you can put them on a diet to lose weight.

Diet Plum

The plum is a fruit with very few calories. Each plum average contains about 25 to 30 calories. Keep in mind that an average plum weigh about 60 grams.

Contains fiber. About 1 gram per plum.

By eating plums are providing potassium to your body, and this will help to eliminate fluid from your body.

The plums have a lot of natural antioxidants. Among the most prominent are zinc, magnesium, and vitamins such as anthocyanins C and E.

Breakfast: Smoothie raisins and plums + ½ grain toast with fruit jam light you want.

Midmorning: 2 plums.

Lunch: A bowl of brown rice with a little grated carrot and a can of tuna in brine + 1 fat yogurt 0% fat

Snack: 1 lowfat yogurt + 1 plum

Average afternoon: 1 slice of bread + 50g of deli turkey.

Dinner: 1 steak grilled fish + salad of lettuce, tomato and onion seasoned with a drop of oil and lemon to taste.

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