Cellulite prevention and treatment tips

Cellulite prevention and treatment tipsThe dreaded cellulite is a chronic disease of subcutaneous tissue, or put another way, it’s a personal bias, accentuated by various factors, to suffer congestion and inflammatory trematodes subcutaneous fatty tissue and deep dermis, resulting in an increase localized fat and unsightly dimples due to the formation of fibroid septa caused by inflammation maintained. More than 85% of women worldwide suffer from this disorder, especially in areas such as the stomach , hips, thighs, arms and back . It affects both women thin as those that are overweight.

In the first period there is a disposition of namedropping hormone, initiating estrogen secretion by the ovary.

Fluctuations of hormone levels can cause changes in the adequacy of the blood supply in certain areas. When an area is compromised his blood micro circulation and lymphatic circulation, there is a lock, which lead to higher volume and skin orange .

There are four basic principles for prevention and control:

1. Controlling weight : avoid significant fluctuations eating a healthy diet and tidy, limiting the consumption of saturated fats and foods high hypoglycemic index such as potatoes, white bread and sugar.

2 . Avoid blocking of certain problem areas: used clothing that do not impede proper blood circulation, excess uncompressed.

3. stimulate blood micro circulation to exercise gentle aerobic: do not kid yourself, to fight cellulite you have to move, being perfect complement physical activity lymphatic drainage, toning circulatory stimulants assets .

4. Goodbye Toxic eliminates toxic substances such as snuff and caffeine, however, increases the consumption of foods such as cleansing substances containing fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, in the fight against cellulite, there are very effective treatments to combat it, the best are those who fight these skin deformities dilating blood vessels, inflammation the area, removed fat and firming the skin at the same time:

Chemotherapy: infiltration technique homeopathic active ingredients that will enable cleaning the mesosphere, with chessmen growing terrain where the cells are bathed. It is a therapy that is considered the first choice in the aesthetic medical treatment of cellulite.

The method CRIOLLO is a revolutionary technique based on the application of two plates refrigerators, which undergo cellulite involved in fat at a temperature which causes naturalization to be deleted permanently through natural ways of purification of the body , obtaining the reduction of fat accumulation in the area to try and lasting results.

Pressure Therapy: the method Balance Pro , provides a guarantee of lymphatic stimulation a la crate, with 6 treatment programs that are tailored to each specific need.

Smooth Shapes XV: highly recommended treatment for innovation to combine three technologies : lasers, and light, rollers and aspiration. With two different types of light-one, laser-, which act at the same time breaking into those fat accumulations with disparate levels and functions. Managing to lift the depressions of the skin and smooth the adjacent protuberances. Eliminating sagging and cellulite is maintained for more than six months without the need, in many cases, maintenance sessions.

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