A good breakfast to lose weight and be healthy.

breakfastThere is now diverse & varied medical research that shows that a big breakfast is key both to lose weight, to get healthy and start the day.

Take a look because then we explain three benefits that your body will get with a good breakfast.

1) Feed your body and your brain. Many people consume a lot of calories for dinner, which does not make much sense because they are calories that you will not burn, unless you’re working at night.

2) A good breakfast increases your metabolism. The word Breakfast means breaking the fast that your body has been exposed overnight without ingesting calories. What you get for so many hours of fasting is to slow down your metabolism because your body set to the survival.

The heart rate slows down your body, like all body functions, including the digestion. It is also more likely that your body to store calories in fat cells dinner.

That is why we must focus on a good breakfast every day because you get your metabolism and turn off the switch of survival mode, and turn the switch to accelerate metabolism and so cause the body to return to burning calories and stored fat. If you skip breakfast, remember that prolong the survival mode and your metabolism will be slowed down to have lunch or you throw some food to the body.

3) A great breakfast to lose weight and start the day would be: A balanced mix of protein and carbohydrates that get keep you feeling full for longer do not feel the need to consume empty calories later.

An omelet of 3 egg whites + 1 egg + 1 tablespoon oatmeal.

1 banana.

1 glass of orange juice.

This is an example of ideal breakfast help you lose weight, and will free you from having to later eat a bag of chips and a chocolate cake.

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