Yoga or Pilates, what me?

Summer is running out, it’s back to the routine and discovered that we have deserted altogether. The scale reflects a few extra pounds, we are in bad shape, and we enter the rush to retrieve the line as soon as possible. We want to point to the gym, but in addition to workout and burn calories with cardio exercises, we also want to improve our litheness and balance. We asked: I’m in for Yoga or Pilates? Before discarding either need to know that both disciplines help us grow spiritually and physically, strengthen our the dreaded sagging and help us to control breathing and balance,

and to correct body posture getting slimmer stature. Practicing Yoga or Pilates will also enhance our sexual activity, sleep better and suffer less stress, especially at this time of year given the known phenomenon of post holiday stress. Many are the celebrities who declare addicted to these two disciplines, although in this last year has fashioned a new method that combines both: the Coagulates. little as Jennifer Aniston, Laura Sanchez and Angelina Joliet already practice this new activity with the intention of combines the benefits of Yoga and Pilates in one session.

 Yoga and Pilates: both focus on the breath

 Although Yoga is more focused on mental peace and physical labor Pilates, exercises both disciplines share in its table of activities.The creator of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, he used principles from other disciplines to create your own for about 80 years. One of folk’s disciplines that was used Yoga, created thousands of being ago.  Both sports involve low impact exercises that can be performed almost anyplace if you have a mat. Yoga Versus Pilates, main differences

Looking for inner peace, your activity is Yoga:

 Yoga resources union of body, intellect and spirit. This discipline is done through meditation and relaxation.Practicing Yoga goes far beyond performing an exercise routine because it is more a lifestyle than a sport. Yoga promotes relaxation itself as it releases energy in their aesthetic poses, which are called asana or body positions. ‘s more static than Pilates, focusing almost asana, claiming that the body, with practice, be prepared to meditation. The postures practiced are called “lotus position” and “sun salutations.” Want to tone your body?, your sport is Pilates: Pilates is much more oriented to physical labor , as it entails a greater taking part of the muscle strength. Like Yoga, Pilates also regulates breathing and relaxation helps, but the disparity is that Pilates breathing is thoracic, and Yoga comes from the diaphragm.

 Pilates is just right for toning your body

Like to practice Yoga, also used a mat or mat Pilates although should be thicker in order to perform the exercises in which rolls over the backbone. Pilates is a very strong, which favors the production of and accelerates the metabolism, help you lose weight. Now that you know the main differences between the two actions, just think what benefits you get and decanter one. ? Yoga or Pilates? You decide

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