Weight loss plan tips

Weight loss planEach body has a particular operation, which also affects the way in which assimilates food and uses energy. As each person has specific metabolic characteristics, slimming plans should be customized to fit the specific needs of each individual.

The main error of many weight loss programs in the short and long term do not provide the expected results, is that give general guidelines rather than treating each case individually.

To achieve weight lose effectively and permanently, you need to slimming diet arises considering the factors in each individual that caused the weight gain, and based on this individual biochemistry custom design a slimming program takes into account diet, lifestyle and if needed additional aid, as supplements to promote weight loss.

It is true that there are some aspects that can be generalized, as reduced calorie intake or physical exercise. You can make adjustments for each case on a general approach:

• Reduce consumption of calories. Select foods low in energy but nutrient dense to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

• Choose foods with a low index , which helps control appetite and stimulate weight loss, and avoid sugars, refined and processed foods, alcohol and carb only meals.

• Reduce consumption of fatty foods, especially saturated fat. Fat intake should not exceed 35% of total caloric intake, and saturated fat should not exceed 10%.

• Increase physical activity. If we succeed in regular physical exercise can help with weight loss supplement L-carnation. This amino acid stimulates metabolism of fats and facilitates these are used in the muscle as an energy source, reducing deposits.

• Increase fat metabolism. Some supplements, such as green coffee extract , natural way to help the body to burn more fat as an energy source. The Green Coffee extract decreases glucose uptake and that this is synthesized in the body, forcing the body to burn fat instead. This supplement can help double the weight loss diets.

• To maintain a state of good nutrition for metabolism do not slow. Take a daily Multination formula avoids nutritional deficiencies that slow energy metabolism. If this formula also includes ingredients such as chromium, cinnamon, alpha-lipoic acid and magnesium, helps control appetite and cravings for refined carbohydrates and sugars. The cinnamon is thermogenic addition, by slightly increasing resting metabolism and promotes weight loss.

Once launched this general program, determine whether there is any imbalance that is favoring weight loss is difficult. The most common are usually those that affect glucose metabolism, the neurotransmitters and endocrine aspects. In some cases, one must take into account that it may have more of an imbalance in one person, so that effective weight loss should try to correct the various imbalances present.

In future articles we will discuss these biochemical imbalances that can block weight loss, and give you the key points to identify them and correct them effectively.

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