Tips to prevent weight gain at Easter

Advice to prevent weight gain at Easter The arrival of the days of Holy Week is one of the most anticipated times of the year to enjoy and relax, reminding us that the summer holidays are no longer so far. However, no reason to let your guard down if you set out to lose weight, so take note of these recommendations to await and protect the face of these days:

1. Do not slacken your efforts in carrying out healthful eating the pretext that they will get some difficult days. If you have not started the diet , wait for it to finish the Easter holidays, but if you already have, try to stick to your purpose and your refrigerator provides lean meats, fish, low fat dairy foodstuffs, vegetables and fruits .

 Increase water intake to prevent weight gain at Easter

2. Sure to drink two liters of water daily to cleanse the body and keep you hydrated at all times. Commitment infusions and choose soft light and natural juices as beverages wildcard when you go elsewhere with your friends, your partner or family. We recommend always having home infusions cleansing, more effective than your body eliminate what is not required. in addition, a glass of wine or beer without alcohol is acceptable options to vary from time to time without adding too many calories.

3. If the arrival of spring is letting something decayed and anxiety is starting to bloom, nothing like a cure of vitamin C, perfect to enhance your energy, since we know that fatigue is a bad counselor and reduce the ability to resist the temptation posed by typical food this holiday season. You can take 1 gram of vitamin C daily for 7 days to get that injection of much-needed vitality.

Take a walk to prevent weight gain at Easter

 4. Without fail, go for a walk every other day for at least 30 minutes, although it can be 1 hour, the better. Why? Because a muscle that contracts regularly for 30 minutes burns calories but, what is more imperative, continues to quietly burning them for 48 hours, in lower amounts clock. In addition, working muscles rouse the secretion of endorphin, producing a join  revive that will be present every day.

5. A little extra help to burn fat never hurts. Prepare the possible lapses with apple cider vinegar, add star to look as  like Megan Fox. This vinegar is one of the traditional remedies whose virtues have been confirmed systematically in all corner of the world

Tablespoons early lunch and dinner exert a lyric action on proteins and detergent effect on fats without acting on the sugars, which favors a straight forward weight loss.

Increase fiber intake, will help you keep your taste under control, prevent constipation and do away with toxins. The bran of oats is perfect for drama this task, because when the bran into the stomach absorbs water and increases 22 times its volume, inflation and relaxes the stomach; produce an intense and prolonged satiety. Then, when it reaches the small intestine, it sticks to the nutrients, reducing their passage to the blood and continues on his way with them until disposal with bowel. This causes a loss of modest but repeatable calories at each meal. Thus takes a good amount of oat bran before, during and after Easter, will help you overcome it and enjoy it without added pound.

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