Tips to keep fit and stay slim this summer

slim this summerThere are few occasions that we lack the time to keep our physical form as we would like. And they be many factors that can make uphill in order to keep the figure ten crave both look, especially during the summer. Contrary to what you might think or excessive exercise and strict diets are beneficial to the body. The key is to learn to relax and maintain a balanced diet and active lifestyle plan that allows you feel good inside and look even better outside.

Consequently take note of these tips to get keep in top shape this summer, increasing your physical and mental well without resorting to harsh diets and strenuous exercises. Finally, you can look and keep a figure ten with little endeavor and enjoy the development.

Move home

Although not what you contemplation, domestic tasks also strengthen your muscles and can become the best workout at house. For toning pecks and gluts cleans the windows making big circles with your arms convincing their hips and buttocks contracting. You can slim the waist and sides wiping surfaces with legs slightly apart, knees slightly bent and the buttocks and belly made, covering the major area without scrolling.

Tips to keep in shape in summer

Stand with your foot apart, bend your legs to support you in the ankles and remains in this position ten seconds. To tone your arms straight back support back, stretching arms above the head, clasp your hands and try to get as high as possible, as if you wanted to touch the ceiling. Hold this location for 10 to 20 seconds and repeat ten times.

In shape while you purchase

Did you know that while you purchase can also get in shape? Walk to the supermarket as fast as possible while keeping your arms away from your body 20 or 30 seconds, then leave them smooth on your sides for a minute and finally swing your arms forward and backward without touching the body. Also, take home bags will help you avoid the dreaded wilting arms.

The contact with the outdoors, sun or water, improves mood, oxygenation and elimination of toxins. This summer take advantage and enjoy long walks on the beach, the best way to avert weight gain in summer and wear a perfect tan . If you’re in town, be sure to walk regularly, at least 20 or 40 minutes a day three times a week. It allows the arms to move naturally with your shoulders comfortable, back straight, feet parallel.

Natural and fresh foods

 Avoid eating refined products and manipulated. Betting on natural and fresh foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains, you provide vitamins, minerals, water, fiber and a lot of vitality to your everyday life.

 Rest is essential both for recovery and muscle growth, and for your overall well being. So, be sure to sleep at least eight hours. It is one of the best antidotes to stress, anxiety and of course, the exhaustion. Only half an hour before bedtime than usual each day, your body gets time off, gives you more force to cope with the week. Avoid products with caffeine for six hours before going to bed and also keep in mind some advice sleeping like a baby during the summer holidays. These are just some ideas and recommendations to help you stay in shape without having to spend a lot of effort, forgetting about the diets and exhausting routines in the gym. Not be indecisive to implement them ten figure and show off this summer.

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