The dangers of fad diets

We promise to lose those extra kilos in a short time but be careful of fad diets and risky rebound outcome among many other negative health penalties.

Miracle diets

We all like to look great without those extra kilos when summer comes. So many times you may feel tempted to resort to so called miracle diets to shake off the weight you’ve been accumulate over the winter.

Nevertheless, one must be very careful with this type of fast diets because the same way that help you lose weight quickly, also favor you regain the lost kilos with the same speed. Known is the rebound effect of this type of diet. Miracle diets promise quick weight loss with little effort. Diets are not respond to any nutritional foundation and can yet cause alterations in metabolism. In addition, negative mental effects on eating deeds disorders. But the effects may even be more serious still. Miracle diets can degenerate into overweight precisely the opposite consequence that you intend to get. So you should be wary of all those diets that swear to make you lose more than 5 kilos in a month. In this regard, takes note of a number of behaviors that may be able to produce weight loss, but can cause real havoc surrounded by:

Lose weight with fad diets can be very hazardous

1. Losing and gaining weight then quickly can affect your heart. The heart is a muscle and needs to adapt. When thins in a short time, blood pressure and heart rate change. They may experience heart irregularities and in extreme cases, heart failure.

2. Not eat, cut calories drastically and hunger can affect bone. Furthermore, the lack of calcium and vitamin D in the diet can cause falls and fractures after fracturing vertebrae that can when making quick turns. In the case of young girls and teens, this behavior can cause withdrawal period, which facilitates the development of osteoporosis and thus a greater chance of fractures.

3. Under no circumstances should lose more than 900 grams per week. beyond that amount seriously affect the metabolism, decreasing performance and favoring a speedy recovery of the lost kilos.

Know the dangers of fad diets

1. Going hungry is a very hazardous way to lose weight because the body does not get the nutrients essential for optimal functioning. The lack of energy is not so important but the lack of nutrients can cause, among others, weak immune system, osteoporosis or decreased mental capacity.

2. The drugs legal and illegal are visibly contraindicated if you want to lose weight.

3. With the laxatives only thing you lose is water with minerals, which can cause dehydration. Another consequence of the abuse of laxatives is hemorrhoids, intestinal paralysis, renal failure, known as touchy bowel and even the onset of pancreatic.

4. Bulimia nervous is an illness that requires urgent assistance from a psychologist. Acids vomiting can damage the esophagus and teeth. The regular vomiting for many years is associated with the expansion of esophageal Aden carcinoma, a very aggressive type of cancer.

5. Though smoking reduces appetite is a very unwise to lose weight. In the end, you may be thinner with less effort but at the cost of damaging the body.

6. Saunas or play sports with a lot of clothes only makes you lose water and essential minerals, not fat. Certainty is that there is no miracle cure to lose weight quickly. keys to thin and not getting fat lie in patience, marking targets medium to long term, enjoying a balanced diet and doing some physical bustle to help us keep fit and excite the loss fat.

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