Swollen belly? The key to fix

Swollen bellyThe sensation of bloating is a very common and quite annoying that there is always related to weight gain can be thin and having it. Causes may have different origins, but in most cases are related to poor nutrition and / or unhealthy habits, so it is up to us to enjoy and boast a sleek and sexy belly. An attractive flat stomach is not as difficult to achieve as it seems and if you start to notice that your belly is taking over proper curves, making a series of simple steps and you will see in a few weeks is again perfect.

Balanced diet and increasing fiber intake

A balanced menu that includes all the vitamins, proteins and minerals that your body needs fats keeping under control, health guarantee and a great way to prevent any eating disorder. Begin your day with a full breakfast, which no missing dairy and fruit, and sign up for the whole grain breakfast basis that you provide all the energy you need for the day. Do not make the mistake of skipping breakfast to avoid puffing. It is preferable to have dinner light, keep in mind that everything you take in the morning your body will consume without problems throughout the day. Listing these healthy and energetic breakfast autumn we suggest.

Full breakfast rich in fiber to look flat stomach

It is also possible that bulging stomach and heaviness are the result of some disorder in your intestinal transit problems with constipation. In this sense, fiber is your best ally. Consumed regularly will help your body to eliminate fat and toxins, resulting in a few days, you feel much better. Another good idea is to incorporate into your diet proboscis, those who have in their composition with live microorganisms bacteria, good contributing to balance the intestinal flora. Alternate the foods you eat regularly with healthy new ones such as kefir, cheese and yogurt proboscis or tofu perfect for a dinner and you will see how your stomach is reduced significantly.

Food diuretics

On numerous occasions is the fluid retention problem that caused the swelling, which means that, if you follow a strict diet, do not get down volume. If this is the case there are two keys to curb: minimizing salt intake and, on the other hand, increases the amount of fluid in your diet. Although it seems a contradiction, is not it, as the water, juices, teas, etc. still drinks provided, will help to drag the toxins and fluids in your body left over. Among the foods you should include in your diet to assist in the removal of excess fluids are particularly effective celery, asparagus and artichokes. The potassium-rich fruits like pineapple, grapes, apples or melon are also great allies to consider.

The infusions, allied against fluid retention

Meanwhile, all infusions are recommended, and are perfect as the end of a meal or as a snack mid-morning snack, but some of which are purifying power is proven, for example, tea green and red, the tail of horse and anise the latter especially recommended if you suffer from annoying gases. Do not miss the diet against fluid retention that we offer.

If you want a flat stomach, temporarily reduces or eliminates alcohol and gases from your diet. Especially the classic combination between alcoholic and soft drinks, with its high content of sugars and gases, are true bombs of calories that make the belly swell so obvious.

Following these simple tips and adopting the habit of performing some stretching and crunches each day 10 minutes will suffice get a belly enviable few weeks. Listing the most effective exercises for a flat stomach and look sexy! Also, whenever you get a chance, try not to sit or lie down immediately after eating. A healthy 15-20 minute walk is enough to help your digestion process done correctly. The famous wash it down is a reality and physical activity after eating soft foods is a good habit and excellent preventive measure against swelling.

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