Summer Drinks Low Calorie

Fluid intake is always healthy, but in the months of summer is essential for the proper implementation of our body. Good hydration requires the use of at least two liters of water or fluids daily. The nice terraces or that corner of the home invite a drink enjoying good company but beware, if we choose constantly refreshing beverages high in calories, all our effort to look good figure in summer can go to fret. To avoid this you have multiple options as attractive. For example, soups or cold creams are not only an exceptional first for a lunch or dinner.

Properly presented in a tall glass and little or as can be an excellent alternative for a tasty snack. In fact, they are included as part of any cocktail suggestions that boasts. A glass of gazpacho, garlic soup, vichyssoise or cold melon cream is fitting, refreshes and also provides an extra dose of vitamins.

Low calorie cocktails to enjoy the summer without adding calories

By mid-afternoon, you have other options even lighter. A diet soda can be an excellent alternative but excessive drinking; can end up causing heartburn or bloating. If you do not know why decide, try the vegetable juice. They are healthy, nutritious, and super refreshing taste amazing. With mixer or blender can do real at home? A natural juice of tomato, purifying and high power antioxidant better with a pinch of salt and pepper or celery are perfect for removing toxins and fats that has brought this Great BBQ. Citrus fruits are also excellent choices. The juices or cocktails that include among their ingredients orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit are a great way to take care while fighting the heat. In the form of water ice, thirst-quenching as few similar drinks and are a real treat. If you are one of the most greedy, do not give sweet drinks, but take a little imagination and create your own combined with tropical fruits as delicious as the mango, papaya, pineapple cakes or sweet, tasty, with multiple benefits and calories minimum.

 The smoothies are fresh and compelling another option. If you home, use skim milk as a basic ingredient and mix with seasonal fruits as cool as cherries or watermelon. Well beaten with a teaspoon of sweetener and preserved in a refrigerator a few hours will be a success at the time of offering them to any guest. ‘s tea herbal and aromatic plants are a possibility to consider. The variety of taste at your fingertips allows you to prepare tea for everyone who either cold comes alone. Green tea, red tea, thyme, radios … with crushed ice, slush type, is a great and healthy suggestion. If you are the type who does not give up coffee, try these days to take it so far crushed ice, and see that rich and original slush. Finally, speaking of soft drinks just the thing for summer we can not forget the hardhats that natural sparingly and not fattening as much as people think. Chuffed juice contains valuable minerals and vitamins that you should not deprive yourself during the summer season. Your blood sugar level is high, but not much more than any soda. Taken from time to time is a great and healthy alternative to taking on a terrace enjoy a summer afternoon.

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