Slimming Exercises

Slim ExercisesExercise also to help maintain ideal weight, burn body fat and fight obesity, serves many other things:-

Keep the body healthy and stronger, practice exercise the person feel good about themselves.

Strengthen bones, joints and muscles, preventing injuries and stabilizer acting and especially the bones of the spine.

Provides a great cardio-respiratory benefit, increase and strengthen blood circulation, reducing the risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure.

Helps eliminate tension and stress because, during exercise eliminates the hormone that produce them.

Eliminates toxins from the body through sweat, favoring a process of detoxification.

How do the exercise?

It is essential prior to any physical activity, consult your doctor. Each person must adapt exercise to your ability depending on age and health.

Before you start doing any physical or sports practice is necessary to consider two important aspects:

1. Make a small heating, ie, start with low intensity, very smooth and progressive way to warm up the muscles and prevent any kind of injury that may occur.

2. Perform pre-stretching to prepare the tendons, ligaments and muscles for exercise. Stretching should be gentle, relaxed, sustained, endured for 10-30 sec, without making rebounds. The stretch is performed moments before the exercise and at the end.

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