Secrets Tips to maintain your ideal weight

Slimwho has lost the extra weight for a long time what is the reason for its success and probably will begin to say how happy his new look and feel as good about himself. Instead of using words such as deprivation or waived, probably speak of attention or commitment. The results should be earned – and in the case of a perfect one can really say that they go too sweaty – and then maintained.

To all of you, dear friends, you are about to close a period of strict diet and you’re terrified of losing control again in front of a table laden, to you that instead avoided just starting to lose weight by saying once in a month after I over all the pounds, and even more, that you imagine having to give up life in some sin of gluttony, because you are afraid that the balance then you would have an account too salty, we offer some useful advice, the result of direct who, after reaching your desired weight, was able to keep it .

The union is strength and fighting against the specter of extra weight to the testimonies of those who did it is a very useful support.


Several studies show that physical activity is even more important in the maintenance phase in which the weight loss. In addition to the effect of calorie burning, is of great importance on the psychological support offered by the movement . Intend every day from 30 to 60 minutes of exercise, moderate to intense. We had already suggested that the ‘ activities most recommendable is the one that you prefer . That’s right- it may be the gym, swimming, running outdoors, a simple walk at a brisk pace, what is practiced with pleasure, that makes you feel good, it will help you more easily stay in body shape.


During the diet you salivate once, twice, three times a day, and now that you have achieved the results that you had set itself have closed the balance in a wardrobe , so why all her friends are telling you that you no longer need the response of the inflexible judge your weight? Evil! How is it wrong to control the oscillations of the needle that varies in grams during the day or from day to day, you also have to avoid not having an objective response, like that of the scale.

The solution is more balanced control your weight once a week, even after the end of the diet . Do not be obsessed with variations of 400-500 grams, which may depend on various factors such as water retention , hormonal cycles: faced with an increase of two or three pounds, however, it becomes necessary to take the situation in hand, to avoid returning to starting point.


What was the period in which pesavi more? The desire for food, it is well known, often depends not only on the need to nourish the body. Sometimes we try to have a chocolate sweetness, a bag of chips to ease a tense moment, a bowl of ice cream to drown anger or pain. How many different kinds of hunger trying to satiate eating , without being able to be truly fulfilled without never satiated feeling deeply. Retrace your eating habits and take note of the times when you tend to fill voids, to stifle emotions with food- know the occasions in which you brought to eat more will help you to find alternatives and no doubt most effective for  express your discomfort.


Not from the physical point of view, of course! If you have lost the extra weigh the helped you to feel more in harmony with yourself and with others, try not to lose the habits to eat healthy you have acquired. This does not mean be careful to weigh each food, but continue to prefer wholesome and nutritious dishes, cooked in a simple, satisfying taste without harm to the line.

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