Lose weight up to five kilos in just one month

Weight lossLose four to five kilos in a month with the sandwich diet. It will become the most practiced in the beaches this summer 2013. Sandwich combines diet with plenty of water and adequate food.

This summer 2013 comes the diet most used and practical diet while eating what you like, this is the diet sandwich. This diet offers a wide variety of combinations to enjoy a healthy snack while you lose weight and recommended as a practical method for those hard days on the beach under the sun , or for anyone whose intense workday activity or leave him little time to prepare food and feed.

The basis of this diet lies in the exchange of food for these snacks with which you can get to lose between 4 and 5 kilos in a month, but like any diet is a slow process that is accelerating at the same time that our body adapts. Often it is more important what ingredients we include in a sandwich bread, which oddly enough is better not eat in bar and sliced bread, since the latter contributes more calories. Therefore advised the development of these rich and light healthy snacks that are not fattening combination with a diet I get to hold the line and lose weight as you provide below.

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