How to build muscle with diet

 dietCertainly the diet is essential and important part in the life of each individual and when it comes to increasing muscle mass is also a point to consider as special diets for bodybuilders.

How to build muscle with diet knowing your body composition helps to establish a starting point for designing a proper diet to help build muscle mass as well as a physical exercise plan well organized.

Motivation and discipline are the two pillars for those wishing to achieve the muscular body and there are several points that help achieve this goal.

According to experts in sports nutrition implement the so-called 40-20 – 40 is the perfect way to properly distribute nutrients and thus avoiding accumulates fat gain muscle.

These three numbers correspond to the percentage to be allocated in the carbohydrates, fats and proteins in a balanced diet.

So, to be distributed as 40% carbohydrate, 20% fat and 40% protein, a diagram showing the right balance of nutrients that the body needs when the goal is to lose fat and gain muscle.

It is also necessary to remember that many foods contain fat and protein but without being explicitly a fatty food or protein, such as when ingested meat is necessary to know the percentage of fat that’s really also the protein.

Avoid consumption of carbohydrates before going to sleep as long as the next day is not going to make a very strong training particularly affecting a muscle group like legs.

When you first start with this plan is desirable to record food consumed in order to know the amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein you eat every day, but with the passage of time and practice it becomes easier to estimate consumption with almost total accuracy without measure or weigh each food.

Finally, it is important not to overeat but do it in intervals of two hours, these translates to divide the total calories needed throughout the day and always distribute small meals which are also easy to digest, as the meals abundant only cause an increase in blood sugar and it almost always favors the accumulation of fat.

Distribute meals in small portions facilitates the maintenance of a stable energy level and helps muscle growth and is also convenient to vary the alternate day calorie intake of foods made with high and low calories, preventing the organism to adapt to a level of consumption Standard calories.

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