Helps thin and eating a balanced diet and healthy

Optimistic people live a more balanced diet and healthier than pessimistic people, this is evident from a study by Meat Supply Company Serrano. This study demonstrates the direct relationship between mood and the type of food. Thus, 76% of respondents felt that the mood influences nutrition care, and seven out of ten people think that having a good mood is positive for health.

Overall there is great concern among the population by eating a healthy diet , 34 % say eating a balanced and healthy , however, a 57 % recognize their importance but say they are not always able to keep .

As another important characteristic of the study, noted that 37 % of respondents are defined as persons optimistic, while 53%, just over half, people are considered moderately optimistic. Interestingly, the highest percentage of optimism is for persons over fifty years.

 It is shown that promote negative thoughts depression, anxiety and phobias. Instead optimism can help even our immune system. Serotonin, a chemical found in the brain and whose level is related to aspects of the character of each person is closely related to emotion and mood. It has a close relationship with the states of happiness. Feeding and general welfare, segregation influence to a greater or lesser extent.It is therefore essential in the diet food consumption that produces such as eggs, dairy, fish, meat, legumes, nuts and fruits banana, pineapple, avocado.

 Definitely one of the most consistent results in the scientific literature is that those who have high limits of optimism tend to emerge stronger and find benefit in traumatic and stressful situations. In general, it seems that the most optimistic people tend to have better mood, be more persistent and successful and even have better physical health, take care and value the importance of proper diet. By contrast one in ten people who evaluate your work routine or stressful daily work as defined as pessimistic.

However, there is no uncertainty that being optimistic is a great food and is known for certain that no risk to the health of people, quite the opposite. The main difference between an optimistic attitude and its matching part – the pessimism lies in the approach you are thankful for things.

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