Food for surplus starvation curbs your hunger

Food for surplus starvation curbs your hungerHow to control hunger pangs If you are the type who can not help resist attack the fridge because it has an appetite voracious after hours, the key to regain control is to increase the consumption of foods satisfying, able to delay hunger, even in situations of anxiety or stress. And, the type of food, consistency, how nutritious cooked or density influence the sudden feeling of hunger or, on the contrary, in the delay of appetite. Thus, fiber-rich foods, complex carbohydrates, protein and water, was positively associated with increased satiety index, while fat has a lower power to calm the appetite.

Salads and vegetables are your allies to enrich your diet with vitamins, minerals, water and fiber. If the consume as a starter in your menu, you will notice how you will be satisfied more quickly and that feeling will last long enough to avoid sudden hunger pangs.

Vegetables and fruits, satisfying food

Do not forget the fruit, ideal to keep hunger at bay without adding fat and calories more. We recommend consuming and skin washed out of the main meals, but if you are the type that comes to the table with a ravenous hunger, you had better take a piece about 30 minutes before eating, see what a change! can also bet on include some natural complement satiating as which, due to its high fiber supply is ideal to help you reduce fat and prevent snacking uncontrolled.


The key to a satisfying breakfast If you include some protein with each main meal, also in the breakfast, do not forget that is the most important meal of the day and should be complete you will take advantage of its capacity filling. It incorporates a bit of cheese, ham or turkey breast luncheon the first shot of the day food for keeping your appetite under control several hours and your energy levels optimum. Moreover, it is necessary that meat, fish or eggs are always served as a main course lunch and dinner, but also as ingredients contemplates other dishes. How about a big salad in which you include tuna, boiled egg and some ham chips? If you add a yogurt for dessert with 2-3 nuts, get a nutritious meal but light, rich in fiber, protein and healthy fats, ideal for taking to work without fear of fainting in the afternoon! You can also bet on the ever healthy vegetable salad.

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