Flat Belly Diet

Slim Belly dietThis diet is geared for people who want to lose about 5 cm per month waist and feel bloated, or even for those who are tired of dieting and keep track of your abdomen .

We should add, that this regime should be combined with some form of  aerobic exercise  and if not, at least you have to walk an hour a day.

You can combine diet with some  cleansing teas  as horsetail, which mobilizes the urine or dandelion purifies and laxative. You can also combine horsetail and fennel, these two herbs will be your new partner if you have fluid retention.

Prevent  swelling  and  fluid retention  is  key  to reduce inches, but appear terms with the same meaning are not all equal.

If you have fluid retention , you should  drink plenty of water , paradoxically the best way to avoid retention is to drink as well your body will retain such amounts of liquid, and remove toxins. You should drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Use  herbs and the  garlic  or  onion  to terms that do not add sodium one of the origins of retention and provide a nice touch of flavor to foods.

If you have  swelling , you should try to  add fiber to your meals the fiber can be found in vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, and cereals, thus get a greater movement to improve intestinal constipation should  eat 5 times a day ,  but in small amounts,  chewing slowly  to avoid air fill and promote digestion.

Eat red meat only twice a week and  consume at least 5 times a day, fruits and vegetables.

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